October 31, 2022

MEO Celebrates It’s Fifth Anniversary In Style.

This October, the team at MEO had the privilege of celebrating our fifth anniversary event at the Park Hyatt in Auckland. The event served as a reflection and celebration of our journey, and also, the people who have been an integral part of MEO’s story over the last five years. Owner David Gao reiterated this when he spoke via satellite to attendees, ‘He Tagata, He Tagata, He Tagata – It’s the people, the people the people’. ‘We wouldn’t be where we are today without the incredible people behind our brand, they are the most important part of MEO’s journey’ said Gao. Director Kenneth Lee also gave high praise to the team at MEO bringing particular attention to the brands diverse, female led team who have seen the brand grow from strength to strength over the last five...

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Mask Up With MEO This Halloween And WIN.

Masking up for Halloween takes on a whole new meaning in 2022 where the use of face masks have become commonplace in society. We’re giving our incredible community a chance to win $100 worth of vouchers for www.meoair.com for showing off some of their spooky style this Halloween. Dressing up for Halloween is no new concept, in fact, there are reports that date back to 1585 in Scotland where the practise may have originated from Celtic festivals to mark the beginning of winter. Halloween is also big business by all accounts, with an estimated 10.6 billion dollars being spent on festivities in 2022 alone. However, the inclusion of face-masks (for protective purposes) is a new twist that allows for some serious creativity and spooky style. Face-masks have become more than a fashion accessory, they’re also a wickedly wonderful...

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October 21, 2022

Wearing Comfortable Face Masks Will Reduce Skin Irritation

Wearing a face mask for prolonged periods has caused some people to experience skin issues around their face area. Making sure that you wear comfortable face masks can go a long way to reducing irritation; however, here are some further top tips that you can try to prevent your skin from being affected by your face mask. Use Comfortable Face Masks Made From Natural Materials Comfortable face masks made from natural fibres are much less likely to irritate your skin. And in fact, natural wool fibres block out more than 99.9% of dangerous airborne bacteria, and its natural antibacterial qualities inhibit the growth of bacteria, reducing the risk of skin infections and irritations. These comfortable face masks are highly breathable and provide a steady stream of purified air with every inhalation. Make sure your comfortable face masks fits well;...

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October 1, 2022

5 Ways To Reconnect – Mental Health Week NZ

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week here in Aotearoa with a theme of reconnecting and returning to the world after a tough three years in the midst of a pandemic. New Zealanders are returning to a new sense of normality, with our response to Covid-19 easing, we waved goodbye to the traffic light system last month and mask mandates soon followed for the most part. People And Places That Lift Us Up The theme for this year The New Zealand Mental Health Foundation is encouraging us to reconnect with people and places that lift us up, hei pikinga waiora. “The past couple of years have been tough and it's easy to feel disconnected from the people and places that are important to us. Whether it's reaching out to someone you have lost contact with, visiting a place that's special to you...

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MEO In The Media September 2022

The month of September has seen some exciting developments for MEO as we approach our fifth anniversary in business. You may have seen some changes here on our official website, in particular our renewed and ongoing commitment to People, Protection, Purity, Trust and Planet. Planet in particular taking centre stage this month as we’ve had the privilege of announcing our New Zealand Mask Recycling Programme in partnership with Kiwi Plastic Recycling company.  The programme aims to reduce the number of disposable face masks from landfills and waterways by 50% by the end of 2023. In the News Stuff NZ Reports “The MEO Disposable Mask Recycling Programme is a two stage partnership with Kiwi Plastic Recycling that aims to halve the number of discarded face masks entering landfills and waterways by the end of next year. Stage one runs across September and...

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September 14, 2022

How To Make Wearing A Kids Face Mask Fun

Now that it seems like the pandemic is over, you might be finding it difficult to convince your children to continue to wear a mask. However, it is important to focus on your health and well-being, so sometimes, wearing a mask will still be necessary. To help encourage your children and keep them protected when out in public, you might need some new tactics to make wearing a kids mask more fun. Read on for some top tips. A Kids Mask With Popular Characters And Fun Designs Be on the lookout for masks that portray a character from your child’s favourite TV show, game or book. You can get them to pretend that they take on the role of the character when they are wearing the matching mask. A kids mask with a fun design can also be a...

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September 9, 2022

Top Tips For Choosing The Best Surgical Type Face Mask

A lightweight, single-use surgical face mask is the way to go for everyday use to protect yourself and your loved one from viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. And also, you will benefit from added protection if you are an allergy sufferer to reduce the allergens that affect you. So, when looking for an excellent face mask, there are some essential factors to consider. Read on for some top tips when choosing your surgical face mask. High Level Of Germ And Virus Protection Your selected surgical face mask should offer at least 99% filtration of airborne bacteria and viruses. Products with wool filters will provide unique anti-bacterial properties to further protect you from bacterial growth and the transfer of pathogens. A measure of the effectiveness of the surgical face mask is KN95 certification. Ensure that your selected single-use mask has...

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August 31, 2022

The Best Masks For International Travel

The joy of travelling the world, international holidays and visiting family and friends abroad is well and truly back. Flight Centre predicts that Global Airline seat capacity could be back to 85% by the end of 2022, a bold and welcome prediction for the travel industry and enthusiasts alike. With travel on the cards and borders opening up, masking up is a priority for Kiwis as we navigate mandates and regulations across shores. Mask Usage Overseas? Mask wear indoors at alert level orange is very much still a thing here in New Zealand, in terms of overseas travel Masks4all.co has mapped out a list of countries and brief recommendations here. With this being said we highly recommend that you thoroughly research each country's official...

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MEO The Most Innovative Face Mask On The Market?

Leading into our 5th anniversary this September, the team at MEO has had time to reflect on our half-decade journey to create the world’s most innovative and forward-thinking face-mask brand. Our goal has always been clear, to create a mask that not only protects, but aligns with our customer needs: To be highly protective, look great, and feel great on. With these goals in mind, we’ve listed five ways in which we’ve strived to hit the mark, based on our customers' feedback of course! (what truly counts). Highly Efficient Filtration Our Filtration technology is world known and even caught the attention of Nasa which you can read about here. We understood that the core function of any face mask is to...

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August 30, 2022

Wearing A Kids Mask At Traffic Light Orange For Your Child’s Safety

Since April, the whole of New Zealand has been at Traffic Light Orange, so you might be wondering if your child still needs a mask at school and other places and if mask wearing is still beneficial now that Covid-19 cases are declining. Read on for some answers to these questions and learn about the importance of a kids mask as a valuable tool to ensure your child's health and safety. When Must Children Wear A Kids Mask? The general guideline is that you and your children (particularly those over the age of 12) should routinely wear a mask whenever you leave the house. However, there are certain situations where wearing a mask is a must, including: On public transport On Ministry of Education funded school transport and public transport In taxis or ride-sharing vehicles In airports and on...

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