How To Make Wearing A Kids Face Mask Fun

Now that it seems like the pandemic is over, you might be finding it difficult to convince your children to continue to wear a mask. However, it is important to focus on your health and well-being, so sometimes, wearing a mask will still be necessary.

To help encourage your children and keep them protected when out in public, you might need some new tactics to make wearing a kids mask more fun. Read on for some top tips.

A Kids Mask With Popular Characters And Fun Designs

Kids Mask

Be on the lookout for masks that portray a character from your child’s favourite TV show, game or book. You can get them to pretend that they take on the role of the character when they are wearing the matching mask.

A kids mask with a fun design can also be a hit. Popular choices include sea creatures, unicorns, dinosaurs, dragons, fairies, pirates, space themes and farm animals. Find a design to match your child’s interests and hobbies for maximum impact.

Decorate Your Own Plain Masks

Another fun idea is to let your child decorate their own disposable kids mask with a design they choose. They can use stickers, markers and crayons to create their unique design. And the good news is they can make a new one for each day, so it will never be boring.

Have A Kids Mask Party With Their Toys

Get your children to invite all their toys to a tea party. You can make some suitable snacks while they make a paper mask for each of their favourite dolls, teddies and other stuffed animals. Everyone has to wear a mask to attend the party. This fun activity will normalise mask-wearing in a relaxed setting which will carry through to outings that require your children to wear a mask.

Offer Incentives For Good Mask Wearing Days

You can create a star chart or other system to record the good days of wearing a kids mask. Once a target is reached, your child will qualify for a reward. You can choose suitable rewards in line with your budget, lifestyle and family practices. Some ideas include a special outing, a special meal or another treat they have been asking for.

Contact MEO today for a fabulous range of masks for the younger set. Among our lovely variety of designs, you are sure to find the perfect one to help make wearing a kids mask fun for your children.