Our filters are disposable but be mindful that they are naturally biodegradable because of wool fibre. Wool fibre grows naturally on sheep and is made of a protein called keratin, same protein in human hair. When left in damp environments such as soil for a prolonged period of times, wool will decompose.

Filters are not washable because of the natural electrostatic properties of the wool to catch small harmful particles, its protein structure capture gases and harmful toxins and yet the fibre is bacteria resistant and flame resistant, but if in contact with water the electrostatic properties will be washed away.

Please store the mask away from moisture, heat, and sunlight, in a cool and dry place. You can wash the cover when you replace the filter. Mask covers can be hand-washed in warm water with gentle soap and dry naturally.

In regards to the Helix Filter replacing frequency: we recommend replacing MEO Lite/Kids Filter: If AQI is between 100-150, we suggest replacing every 50 hours of usage, or 10 days if used daily. We recommend replacing MEO Karen Walker Filter: If AQI is between 100-150, we suggest replacing every 2-3 weeks.

MEO™ Karen Walker Helix™ Filter Pack contains three replaceable filters for your Karen Walker Classic/Fashion mask.


5 key elements:

  • Filtration – MEO™ HELIX™ Filter Media provides superior electrostatic performance, capturing over 99.85% of PM 0.1 particles and filtering out more than 99.99% of airborne bacteria.
  • Breathability – we have the world’s most breathable filter media, allowing the wearer to receive a steady stream of purified air because it takes less energy to draw air through the filter.
  • Standards – AS/NZS 1716:2012 .
  • Fitting – Come in three different sizes in order to match your Karen Walker Series mask.
  • New Zealand Manuka oil – Every MEO™ Karen Walker Series is infused with specially formulated New Zealand Manuka oil extract, for calming and soothing respiratory protection.
  • Ease – Very easy to be replaced and disposed.

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