MEO In The Media September 2022

The month of September has seen some exciting developments for MEO as we approach our fifth anniversary in business.

You may have seen some changes here on our official website, in particular our renewed and ongoing commitment to People, Protection, Purity, Trust and Planet.

Planet in particular taking centre stage this month as we’ve had the privilege of announcing our New Zealand Mask Recycling Programme in partnership with Kiwi Plastic Recycling company.  The programme aims to reduce the number of disposable face masks from landfills and waterways by 50% by the end of 2023.

In the News

Stuff NZ Reports

“The MEO Disposable Mask Recycling Programme is a two stage partnership with Kiwi Plastic Recycling that aims to halve the number of discarded face masks entering landfills and waterways by the end of next year.

Stage one runs across September and October, and sees every household being entitled to claim one free (recycled) courier bag that has been prepaid and labelled and can fit up to 120 masks.” – Reports

“The not-for-profit programme launched by the country’s largest face mask exporter will address a number of logistical and cost barriers faced by consumers and corporates in the collection and disposal of used face masks.

Under the nationwide initiative, households and businesses can request a free postage-paid courier bag to collect their masks and send them to an Auckland facility where they will be quarantined before being manually sorted into recycling categories.” –

Brand Agnostic

As mentioned within reports this initiative will be brand agnostic, meaning all Kiwi’s can get involved and do their bit regardless of where they’ve purchased their masks from. (please note there will be some exceptions as to which masks can be accepted which is listed on a link to programme provided below)

What happens to masks once recycled?

Recycled masks made of prolypropylene can be recycled and repurposed into Biogro Fenceposts which will then be used in the domestic market or exported.

In conclusion

Needless to say the entire team at MEO is thrilled about this programme and the potential positive impact it will have on our community here in New Zealand.

To read more on our Mask Recycling Programme how it will work and important dates please visit here.

Stay tuned here as we approach stage two of this exciting initiative this October and for more news on how you too can do your bit and help reduce waste and recycle face masks in Aotearoa.