September 24, 2021

Why buy MEO? Breaking down the facts

With so many options available, what is so special about MEO face masks you ask? Hypoallergenic – check.  Made from a renewable resource – check. Helps you breathe filtered air and removes noxious gases – check. What more could we ask for?  MEO™ Air face masks have been designed keeping in mind today’s volatile and uncertain environment. It is created for those who want to lead a full life. It is built for those who care about living sustainably and want to take care of those around us and the world. Originating in the land synonymous with purity, MEO™ Air combines elements of New Zealand’s nature, technology and innovation. While the journey may have started...

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Which size mask is right for you?

Finding the right fit for you, (MEO Lite)  Medium or Large? Lets dive in. One of our most commonly asked questions has been about the difference between a medium and large size face mask in our MEO Air face mask range.  We wanted to address this, as well as bring clarity to ensure the health and safety of our customers. However, before we get into the different size specifications of masks, it is important to reiterate the need to wear the right size mask.  Our Male model wears large and female models are wearing medium. Why does having the right size mask matter? Face masks...

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