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Which size mask is right for you?

Finding the right fit for you, (MEO Lite) 

Medium or Large? Lets dive in.

One of our most commonly asked questions has been about the difference between a medium and large size face mask in our MEO Air face mask range. 

We wanted to address this, as well as bring clarity to ensure the health and safety of our customers. However, before we get into the different size specifications of masks, it is important to reiterate the need to wear the right size mask. 

Our Male model wears large and female models are wearing medium.

Why does having the right size mask matter?

Face masks have been in use long before the start of this pandemic. Countries with a high pollution rate have been dependent on face masks to breathe filtered air and prevent the spread of germs. 

It’s important to know that a good face mask presents you with a win-win situation – it allows you to breathe naturally while also preventing you from breathing in harmful particles. 

MEO™ Air face masks were originally created with a vision to be the best anti-pollution face mask. 

Built to provide superior filtration, MEO™ Air face masks take a leaf out of nature’s book, and are designed by observing the natural world to provide protection against harmful air particles.

The Helix™ Filter media used in the MEO™ face masks are made with scientifically selected New Zealand sheep wool. Derived from the alpha-helical molecule found in wool fibre, the MEO™ Helix™ Filter Media uses elements of this molecule in its filtration material that, in the natural world protects sheep from harsh environments, but in the human world allows us to breathe clean and fresh air. The filter traps the smallest of particles and bacteria ensuring it takes less energy to draw air through the filter and allows people to breathe purified air. 

MEO™ Air masks are created with extensive research and careful design that follow the shape of your face. Any good face mask is equipped with a metal strip that when pressed down should seal the mask around your face. This move allows the mask to be moulded to fit your face to reduce the build-up of moisture and heat. 

This is essential and should be your main factor while determining the size of your mask. An improperly fitted mask can result in breathing in polluted air, undermining the purpose of a face mask.

Here are a few helpful pointers below to choosing the right MEO™ Air mask: 

1. For adults (or young adults) who find wearing a regular mask fairly loose to wear or have a smaller face, Medium is for you. 

2. For the average adult, Large fits absolutely fine as it has adjustable ear-loops and a mouldable strap on the bridge of the nose to prevent leakage.

For MEO™ Air masks, height-wise (from the bridge of the nose to the chin), our ‘Large’ masks measure roughly 15cm’s for reference. Our Medium masks are roughly 13cms. 

Always remember, masks should fit snug, but never tight. 

Designed using New Zealand’s best qualities, by merging technology and fashion, MEO™ Air faces masks are designed to feel like they are a part of your clothing, an accessory to your everyday life.