May 27, 2021


It's been four years since we built the world's most innovative face mask. What started as a mere concept has now taken over the world. A kiwi startup that has been researching and producing fashionable face masks since before the pandemic, MEO Air has stayed faithful to its aim of contributing towards a healthier world.  A journey that started with our flagship reusable refilter has since evolved into face masks, disposable masks, masks for kids, custom-made masks like the one designed for the Public Water Project. Our masks, made of the finest quality, are backed by science and research. Recognising a gap in the market for fashionable yet effective face masks, MEO masks have since taken over the world. MEO maskers around the world believe in the safety and security provided by us. Global fashion icons and...

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May 4, 2021

How A 10 Year Old Convinced MEO To Create New Masks For Charity.

HOW A 10 YEAR OLD CONVINCED MEO TO CREATE NEW MASKS FOR CHARITY Lilah McDonald is unlike any 10 year old you have ever met. This pre-teen dreams of looking after the health of New Zealanders by reducing the use of plastic bottles and decreasing the consumption of sugary drinks. To achieve these dreams, Lilah is raising funds for her very first project under her social enterprise, Water Us Limited – building drinking fountains in Auckland’s parks and playgrounds. Born out of her own experience of seeing water fountains spread all across different European cities, Lilah came back home and questioned the lack of such fountains in Auckland and New Zealand. Upon research, she found out that only 5% of parks and 16% of playgrounds in Auckland have water fountains. This prevents children and adults from re-filling...

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3 Reasons To Wear a Facemask Even After You’re Vaccinated

The arrival of the COVID-19 vaccines is a landmark moment in our battle against the coronavirus. Now, as more countries provide vaccines to its citizens, questions are being raised whether we need to continue to follow pandemic precautions like face masks and social distancing, even after receiving the doses.  Health officials around the world recommend people continue to wear face masks, remain socially distant, wash their hands, and stay home when feeling sick – even after they have received the necessary numbers of COVID-19 vaccines.  This messaging might seem confusing - after all, isn’t the purpose of the vaccine to grant your immunity against the virus?    ARE YOU THE SPREADER? The answer is a little more complicated than that. While the vast majority of people who are vaccinated will be protected from falling sick because of the virus. However,...

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