Why Wear a Face Mask While Traveling?

With international borders well and truly open, mandates relaxed and people on the move, is wearing a mask to travel still a thing in 2023?

In short, absolutely.

Yes we’re a face-mask brand so naturally, we’d be touting its benefits, but the science still stacks up. Face-masks prevent the transmission of respiratory illnesses and viruses alike. Especially when traveling.

Where’s the evidence you ask? has compiled an article on the efficacy of face-masks in relation to the pandemic which you can read here

Furthermore the article adds – In a systematic review sponsored by the World Health Organization, Chu et al. (11) looked at physical distancing, face masks, and eye protection to prevent person-to-person transmission of SARS-CoV-2. They found that “face mask use could result in a large reduction in risk of infection.” –

In fact, there are numerous studies and articles available online to support the usage and efficacy of face masks as a preventative measure against airborne viruses and bacteria.

So it’s definitely still beneficial to mask up as you embark on your next holiday or overseas excursion.

Here’s a reminder as to why it’s still a great idea to mask up while traveling .

  1. It protects people : It’s a great thing to do. While on initial thought, it may seem like a  cumbersome affair, masking up protects you and the wider community you visit.
  2. Masks may be mandated : It’s always important to check for regulations around the usage of masks for countries you are visiting. For example, masks may be required on public transport but not anywhere else, so it’s a great idea to keep a couple spare at all times.
  3. Peace of Mind: Travelling can be a stressful affair all on its own. Wearing a mask adds an extra layer of protection to give you peace of mind and reassurance you’re doing what it takes to stay protected.
  4. They’re actually comfortable now: With so many new options available on the market, you’re certain to find a mask that is not only highly protective, but also comfortable to wear as well. We recommend our MEO Guard KN95 which you can find here for a highly protective, comfortable option.
  5. Helps to Keep Travel Options Open: By following local regulations and taking precautions such as wearing a face mask, you can help to keep travel options open. This is especially important as restrictions on travel continue to change and evolve in response to the evolving situation with the virus.

In conclusion,

Wearing a face mask while traveling is a simple and effective way to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and other respiratory illnesses.

Whether you are traveling for work or pleasure, wearing a face mask can help to protect yourself and others around you. Take a look around here on pack a face mask or two for your next trip and travel safe!.