Welcome To Our Updated Website!

You may have noticed a few changes here at , this month the team has been hard at work upgrading our website to give our users a more relevant, streamlined experience.

Alongside more relevant information about your masks, we’ve also made sure to tell you more about who we are as a business and what we stand for. With a multitude of choices available on the market, we truly believe our customers are not simply ‘purchasing a mask’ from us, they’re putting trust in our brand,

So what have we changed?

See more relevant, up-to-date info on your mask in one place.

We’ve taken a whole lot of information about our masks and made it easier to view when you want, how you want. We’ve updated our product interface with expandable information which is easy to see and search. This information includes

‘What makes it different’ – How does this mask compare to our other available styles, what features do they share and what benefits do they provide. Many of our masks will share a lot of the same functionality but have differences in the way they are used, fit and style.

‘What’s included’ – What comes in each pack you purchase.

‘What is the mask made of’ – The material, fabric or composition of each mask.

More about MEO and what we stand for

MEO has been at the forefront of mask innovation for five years, our core values and principles are rooted in that of our planet, people and product. Our website shares some key pillars that shape our business and why we do what we do.

Our Values: Purity, Trust, Protection, People and Planet. To learn more about why each of these values is so intrinsic to our story, click here.


We’ve made it easier for you to browse our masks by placing them in categories that allow you to browse as much or as little as you like!. Our masks were initially categorized by style, now we’ve broken down our range in the following sections,

Reusable masks, Single-use masks, Adults masks, Kid’s Masks and Filters.

You have the option of shopping by style too! It’s never been easier to find your perfect MEO at pace,

Our Commitment to Sustainability

MEO’s mission to create the world’s most innovative face masks is also paired with our dedication to our planet. You can read more here on how we’re putting sustainable practices at the core of all we do. We have some exciting developments coming up including single-use masks made from renewable plant-based materials and our factories eventually being powered by renewable energy.

What do you think about our updated website?

We invite you to take a look around and experience our site for yourself, let us know your thoughts and we look forward to inviting you back here at