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Taking the guesswork out of filters – How does our MEO HELIX filter work?


Weather, like life, can sometimes be very unpredictable and uncertain. Just ask 1 News reporter Carolyn Robinson who went in search of good, sunny news for this year’s summer in New Zealand, but was instead greeted with predictions of a rainy and cloudy one. Donned in her MEO lite face mask, Carolyn tried to shoo away her blues with an ice-cream, only to realise that the mask was still on (something, we are all very guilty of!).

Too many things in life are unpredictable and left up to chance, and that’s why we at MEO Air  believe in providing certainty and surety with our products. Our face masks and filters are created from years of research and developments in science. A merger between technology and modern design is a natural thing for us, which in turn allows us to create beautiful yet practical products that resonate with today’s consumer.

So, how do we take the guesswork out of our products?

Our MEO lite face masks are reusable face masks that offer a superior filtration system – the Helix™ Filter Media. Designed using New Zealand’s best qualities, the Helix™ Filter Media embraces the purity, authenticity and innovation that define MEO Air. Backed by research, nature and breathable elements, the Helix™ Filter Media is the world’s most breathable, and here’s how we know it.


  1. Our filter takes inspiration from nature


It is said that art imitates nature as well as it can and this certainly rings true for us at MEO Air. We have taken a leaf out of nature’s book and designed our face masks with Helix™ Filter Media that have been developed by observing the natural world. 


Derived from the alpha helical molecule found in wool fibre, the Helix™ Filter Media uses elements of this molecule in its filtration material that, in the natural world protects sheep from harsh environments, but in the human world allows us to breathe clean and fresh air.


  1. Uses a natural air filter – Wool


It is well known that wool carpets permanently remove gaseous pollutants from the air. Wool is a natural air filter that is resistant to fire, bacteria and manages moisture well. 


This along with its charged electrostatic fibre which efficiently captures micron-sized airborne particles, makes it the perfect filter for an anti-pollution face mask. 


  1. Scientifically proven with years of research


The Helix™ Filter media used in the MEO face masks are made with scientifically selected New Zealand sheep wool.


Specifically bred for creation of high quality and high performing wool, these sheep are bred on a farm in Wanaka, New Zealand and have been proven to outperform synthetic materials. 


Extensive research and careful design has gone behind the creation of MEO air filtration masks that allow you to breathe with ease.


  1. Creates breathable masks


The Helix™ Filter Media is also the world’s most breathable filter. It traps the smallest of particles and bacteria ensuring it takes less energy to draw air through the filter and allows people to breathe purified air. 


MEO face masks’ distinctive shape which can be moulded to any face also reduces the build-up of moisture and heat which is common with other masks.


Established with a vision to create an anti-pollution face mask which provides superior filtration, MEO products will always have an element of predictable, unlike the weather because when it comes to your health, we want you to always be sure and trust in MEO Air.