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MEO™ | Med Disposable Face mask

MEO™ Med Disposable Face Mask

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5 Key elements:

  • Protection from bacteria – MEO™ Med is effective in filtering 99.9% of harmful airborne bacteria, removing most flu pathogens. This unique quality helps users reduce the risk of being infected by colds and flu.
  • Prevent allergy – MEO™ Med effectively filters the dust in the air and most allergens like pollen, mould, dust mites etc. and reduces the occurrence of respiratory allergies, such as hay fever, allergic rhinitis, allergic asthma.
  • Breathable – Its highly breathable non-woven fabric material and ergonomic design makes MEO™ Med a superior face mask.
  • Comfortable – Elastic ear straps for a snug fit. Low-profile design, suitable for use with other personal protective equipment such as safety helmets, hard hats, glasses, ear muffs, goggles and other eyewear.
  • Safe and low maintenance –  It’s easy to put on, comfortable to wear and offers the user a high level of protection. Disposable, maintenance-free, perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

One Size Fits All.

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What Is In The Box

  • 10 White Face masks

  • or 10 Blue Face masks

  • or 50 White Face masks

  • or 50 Blue Face masks

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To find your MEO™ size, measure the circumference from your chin to the back of your neck.

  • S : 365-425mm
  • M : 425-480mm
  • L : 480-545mm

Reminder: If you are between two sizes:

  • Please choose the bigger size if you want the best breathability
  • Please choose the smaller size if you want a snug fit
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