MEO Guard, your go to KN95 mask in more ways than one.

MEO Guard in MISTY option

MEO Guard, your go to KN95 mask in more ways than one.

Our new MEO Guard has been a sell out style since its release late last year in December, we’ve broken down five reasons to get on board with our latest style and why it may be a great choice to keep you protected.

1 – KN95 protection – Our MEO Guard is KN95 certified meeting rigorous testing standards including filtration, breathability and fit. To read more about our KN95 certification click here . With filtration capabilities to remove over 99.7% of harmful airborne particles including flu pathogens and bacteria, its an incredible option for those wanting to help minimise the risk of being infected by colds and flu.  

2. Comfort – Lightweight and breathable, our MEO Guard makes for easy wearing whilst out and about. Its ergonomic design means you can wear it with glasses, safety gear or simply on its own. Having a mask that is comfortable to wear means we’re less likely to ‘fidget or touch’ our masks, reducing risks of exposure and air leakage greatly in compromised situations. A large part of how we wear a mask (and keep it on) is crucial to keeping us well protected in compromised situations. Our MEO Guard was made to seal snugly to prevent air leakages, whilst allowing for maximum breathability.

3. Style – With over 12 designs and colours, MEO Guard is perfect to pair with any outfit, in any setting, bring out your individuality and style with flair!. You can view our colours and here , our packs consist of Black, White, Misty or Sparkle. Misty and Sparkle are crowd favorites, with playful tones and unique designs sure to work with any wardrobe. Furthermore as with most of our designs, we’re championing our ethos that protection doesn’t need to be boring or mundane, our MEO Guard brings fashion to the forefront with this in mind.

4. Convenience – Its initial flat fold design allows you to take MEO Guard with you on the go, wherever you go!. Pop one into your bag or keep a pack in your car or office to ensure you’re always fully stocked and prepared. As a disposable mask, its low maintenance and perfect to use indoors or outside. It’s lightweight, no fuss and discrete.

5.  New Zealand Owned and operated – Supporting MEO is supporting LOCAL. We’re proud to be sharing Kiwi innovation on the world stage, but even more so to be serving our local community with comprehensive protection when it comes to face masks. Based in Auckland, New Zealand you can be assured our team is here around the clock to answer any questions you have and point you in the right direction if you’re unsure.

Be sure to check out our MEO Guard at the following link https://www.https://www. and feel free to get in touch on info@https://www. with any questions you have.