Mask Up and Stay Well This Winter

With winter in full swing here in New Zealand, it’s never been more important to mask up and stay protected while out and about to avoid the chill and illnesses that accompany it.

The dreaded Flu in has experienced a decline in reported cases over the last two years in New Zealand due to Covid 19 restrictions and social distancing. We’re seeing this change however as influenza infections creep back up as restrictions ease and borders open up in 2022,

In our neighbouring NSW Australia “Figures from the federal government suggest cases started climbing weeks ago. And a rapid 130 per cent jump in flu cases early in the season prompted Queensland authorities to offer people free vaccine jabs.” – reports

It remains to be seen if New Zealand will see a similar spike, preparation is key.

So why are we more likely to get ill in winter?

Needless to say, the cold weather presents a whole set of challenges for us as we navigate winter during these colder months. Add to this fact that viruses love the cold weather and dry air which provides an ideal environment for their spread and replication.

“Viruses replicate better and are more stable in low temperatures and in the dryness, which is why they flourish in wintertime. If the virus is very much “alive” and “active,” the risk factor of you catching it increases. – states”

Furthermore, our respiratory systems are also compromised as we breathe in cooler air and we tend to spend more time indoors in closer proximity to others, increasing exposure and spread.

5 Ways to stay well this Winter,

5 – Eat well: Getting the right nutrients for our bodies helps keep us strong and ready to fight off any winter nasties that come our way. A good diet is of great benefit any time of the year but especially in winter when our bodies need it most to fight off any potential illnesses and viruses we do get.

4 – Naturally Boost your immunity: Whilst some swear by their vitamin C and D, others prefer a dose of Echinacea to keep those winter chills at bay. We suggest consulting your local healthcare expert to see if vitamins and supplements are right for you, as always do your research here!

3 – Sanitise your hands regularly: As restrictions ease it’s never been more important to keep up the healthy routine and habits you’ve formed during the last two years. Sanitising your hands is one of the best ways to fight off any viruses before they enter your system. As always make sure to avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth as well.

2 – Mask up: Naturally being the creators of the world’s most innovative face masks (subtle brag) we think this is a great idea, especially where mandated. Our MEO Guard is one of our most popular and easy-to-wear designs with KN95-certified protection for the whole family.

1 – Stay home if you’re unwell: An important factor when mitigating and eliminating the transmission of any virus is limiting its exposure to others. Stay home, rest up and recuperate if unwell.

In Conclusion

Winter is no longer coming, it’s most certainly here! (Does anyone else miss Game of Thrones?) and it’s never been more essential to keep yourself and those around you well. Wearing a face mask is still one of the most effective ways to prevent the transmission of viruses, for more on why check out our filtration here.


Mask Up and Stay Well This Winter