Mask Mandate update 25th of March 2022 for New Zealand.

On the 25th of March the NZ government issued an update on the usage of face masks as part of its response to Covid-19 within our community,

To keep you all informed, we’ve compiled some official advice below for our loyal customers to keep in mind taken directly from . In short, it’s still vital to mask up where appropriate and follow ALL official advice when navigating the usage of masks in public.

Below are some key points in relation to masks and their usage as of the 25th of March,

  1. Masks should still be worn in an indoor setting (the exception being at your home or workplace if it is not PUBLIC facing). Your employer can still encourage you to wear facemasks even if your job is not public facing. This means when you’re out and about in public within an indoor setting, it’s still important to mask up and stay protected.
  2. Masks are no longer required to be worn in an OUTDOOR public setting. This includes venues, outdoor arrival and departure points such as bus stops and train stations.
  3. You do not need to wear a mask when exercising
  4. Advice on the types of masks you can wear can be found here

In addition there is also advice on situations where face masks are NOT required or mandated, that information can be found here.

Choosing the right mask is still important…

Wondering which MEO masks might be best for you?, we have an extensive range here on our website for you to browse, if ever in doubt or you have questions, please get in touch with us on info@https://www. the team will be happy to help!

One recommendation would be our KN95 certified respirator (MEO GUARD) which can be found here. As described at the above link (point 4/advice on types of masks) when used correctly, KN95 respirators can provide a very high level of protection in indoor settings. The key is to ensure any mask you choose is fitted well to minimise air leakage both ways, this not only keeps you protected but also those around you, reducing the risk of contracting viruses greatly and slowing it’s spread within our community.

Keep a few masks on the go so you are always prepared.

Furthermore, as always it’s beneficial to keep a few masks on hand at all times for those moments you might be caught out OR needing to pop indoors somewhere at short notice. Our MEO Guard and MEO X range are both excellent options that fold flat and come sealed separately for your convenience. Our masks come in packs of ten and a variety of colours for all styles and occasions.

While the freedom to move around ‘unmasked’ is one we all cannot wait for its also important to do our bit to protect each other at ALL alert levels. While we’re here we want to extend a huge THANK YOU to our customers who are masking up where appropriate, we see you and appreciate all that you are doing.