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Is it safe to wear a face mask while exercising?

There’s a huge debate happening right now on whether it should be mandatory for joggers to wear masks while running or exercising. As gyms slowly reopen, while the threat of the coronavirus continues to loom, it’s down to a personal choice whether you want to exercise in a mask.

Scientifically speaking, there is little to no risk while exercising with a mask for healthy individuals. A study conducted by the University of Saskatchewan (USask) concluded that exercise performance and blood and muscle oxygen levels are not affected for healthy individuals wearing a face mask during strenuous workouts. 

However, there are two camps to this conversation with some experts recommending home workouts and socially distanced runs instead of masking up during exercises. This is especially recommended for people who are new to exercising or for those who thought that the lockdown is the perfect time to restart their exercise regime – it may be prudent to slowly ease yourself into using a mask while working out. 

Choose the right exercise mask

While there are plenty of options out there, the best face masks for working out should be comfortable, breathable and multilayered.

Avoid using paper, surgical and cotton masks when exercising. They tend to become damp when you sweat or breathe into them too intensely. Instead, choose masks that are made from soft, lightweight materials that allow you to breathe easily.

Opt for masks with two layers of fabric to avoid overheating. 

Masks that mold to your face, have a comfortable yet secure fit will be useful. After all, you don’t want to touch your mask constantly between reps. 

MEO Air face masks have been designed for daily living, including, workout and jogging. 

The Helix™ Filter Media is the world’s most breathable filter. It traps the smallest of particles and bacteria. This ensures that it takes less energy to draw air through the filter and allows people to breathe purified air. 

Made with scientifically selected New Zealand sheep wool, the masks are created with bred-for-purpose sheep in Wanaka, New Zealand. This breed of sheep produces a superior type of wool which improves filtration, and is natural, comfortable and soft. 

Using innovation to bring the best to the world, MEO Air Helix™ Filter Media is the world’s most breathable filter, allowing you to receive a steady stream of purified air.

MEO face masks’ distinctive shape and ergonomic design also helps mold the mask to your face that reduces the build-up of moisture and heat which is common with other masks.

Listen to your body

Depending on the material and thickness, different masks have varying degrees of airflow restrictions. Professional athletes or people who exercise regularly, may not feel the effects of a face mask as significantly as someone who is just starting to exercise. 

Attention should be paid to how your body responds to the workout while wearing a face mask. If you are new to exercising or haven’t exercised in a long time, you should pay attention to any signs of discomfort.

If you feel winded, dizzy or more out of breath than usual, modify your regime or stop exercising. Find a safe place where you can take your mask off and then catch your breath.