Introducing MEO Guard – KN95 protection for kids

The entire team at MEO is excited to announce the arrival of our new MEO Guard masks for kids released this month.  

With children back to school here in Aotearoa and Omicron cases surging within our community, the team at MEO HQ has been working tirelessly to update our range to incorporate more options and styles for our Tamariki. Our new styles include an update across our MEO X for kids range as well, but our biggest update of the month has been the addition of our MEO Guard for kids.

Our MEO Guard (adults version) has been one of our most popular styles to date, selling out on several occassions it was clear that our community absolutely loves masking up with MEO Guard and needed a similar option for children.

Like our MEO Guard for adults, our Meo Guard for kids shares the same level of protection and comfort, if you haven’t visited our product page, here’s some information below.

Key elements:

  • Protection from flu and viruses – MEO™ Guard is effective in filtering the harmful airborne bacteria, removing most flu pathogens. This unique quality helps users reduce the risk of being infected by colds and flu.
  • Capture particles – It’s efficient in capturing 99.83% of PM0.1 harmful particles, you will have total confidence that MEO™ Guard protects you and your family from diseases caused by particles in the air.
  • Prevent allergy – MEO™ Guard effectively filters the dust in the air and most allergens like pollen, mould, dust mites, etc., and reduces the occurrence of respiratory allergies, such as hay fever, allergic rhinitis, allergic asthma.
  • Breathable – Its highly breathable filter media and ergonomic design make MEO™ Guard a superior face mask.
  • Comfortable – Elastic ear straps and adjustable noseband for a snug fit. Low-profile design, suitable for use with other personal protective equipment such as safety helmets, hard hats, glasses, ear muffs, goggles and other eyewear.
  • Safe and low maintenance – The fabric is safe and non-toxic. It’s easy to put on, comfortable to wear, and offers the user a high level of protection. Individual packaging and flat fold design provide convenient storage and portability. Disposable, maintenance-free, perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

Keeping things fun and fresh for our Tamariki, the Meo Guard comes in several different patterns, available in a boys OR girls pack with 10 masks featuring two designs each. More importantly, the Meo Guard for kids is a KN95 certified mask, keeping our kids protected and safe.

Some important considerations for parents:

  • Our MEO Guard for kids is recommended for children between the ages of 5-10 years old (250mm-290mm from ear to ear)
  • Like with any mask- encourage your child to remove the mask (when appropriate) using the earloops, and washing/sanitising their hands immediately thereafter. Running through a few roleplays and examples goes a long way.
  • Always keep a spare in their bag or in the classroom for those days one goes missing or gets damaged.

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Meo Guard for Kids available on www.https://www.