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Mask fitting


  1. Place mask up against the face firmly using your hands at the base of the straps.

  2. Keep tension of the mask against the face while sliding your fingers towards the back of your neck.

  3. Slide loop over the clip. If the mask slides down your face adjust the strap so that there is sufficient tension on the straps to keep the mask on your face properly.
Filter fitting

  1. Take a filter from the box. Remove from the sealed bag.

  2. Push the filter into the mask cavity with the seam at the front of the filter towards the top.

  3. Carefully position the edge of the filter into the sealing cavity that surrounds the frame.
Mask installation


  1. Please make sure the pointed part of the mask skin is facing up. This is the part that touches the nose. Have the Inner liner facing you as you prepare to install the left strap.

  2. Slide the Left strap through the slot in the left side of the mask skin.

  3. Slide the skin down the strap until the slot is positioned over the end of the strap where is attaches to the frame.

  4. Take the right strap and feed it through the remaining slot in the mask skin.

  5. Slide the cover down the strap. Pull the liner over the edge of the frame the whole way around the frame. Position the seam of the mask skin at the edge of the mask around the entire edge.

  6. Pull the cover down the strap until the slot is positioned over the end of the strap where it meets the frame. Some adjustment and manipulation of the skin maybe necessary to get the skin into position correctly.


Clip Adjustment


  1. Take the adjustment strap in your hands with the MEO logo facing up.

  2. Pull the clip out of the strap. Try mask on without clip and overlay straps to determine where the clip needs to go.

  3. Push the clip into the strap at the desired position.

  4. Flip strap over and check to see that the clip has been installed correctly.
Assembling Instruction Video
Sport Kit Installation