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How to wear a face mask with glasses or a beard? 

Last year, face masks were as elusive as the Facebook algorithm for most of the countries around the world. Now we have reached a stage where face masks automatically fall under our mental checklist of things to take with you when you step out for work or simply for a walk or in a public setting. It may be uncomfortable to wear at the start, but once you are used to it, you often forget that there’s something on your face and end up touching your face out of habit (raise your hands if you are one of those people!)

In light of this, wearing a face mask can often be an added challenge for people who wear glasses or have a beard or just like to smile and acknowledge a passersby. 

We’ve got some hacks to help you avoid the pesky condensation (better known as mask fog), have your facial hairstyle in check, AND be cheerful to the casual passersby. 

Glasses or masks or both?

In case you are wondering, you are not the only one who has trouble keeping your glasses and a mask on your face at the same time. According to Specsavers, there has been a staggering 242% increase in online searches on how to tackle the problem of glasses steaming up and slipping. 

There are all types of recommendations from research institutes and health professionals on how to avoid fogging up your glasses. We’ve identified the two most popular ones for you.

The entire purpose of wearing a mask is to avoid breathing in harmful germs, so the best way to avoid the intake of airborne bacteria as well as fogging up your glasses is to seal up your masks.

A good mask is equipped with an adjustable metal strip that when pressed down should seal the mask around the bridge of your nose, fitting snugly around your face. 

MEO Air masks are created with extensive research, carefully designed to contour to the shape of your face. These masks can be moulded to fit every face shape with comfort, as its distinctive design and features reduce the build-up of moisture and heat which is common with other masks.

It is also recommended to put your glasses over the mask, or just above it – whichever feels more comfortable to you.

The second recommendation is to wash your lenses with soapy water before putting on your mask. This leaves a thin film on your lens that reduces the inherent surface tension and prods the water molecules to form a transparent layer.

To beard or not to beard?

Wearing a mask doesn’t have to cramp up your style either. MEO Air masks are designed keeping in mind today’s fashionably forward consumer. Elegance personified, MEO face masks are simple, easy to put on and comfortable to wear. 

Although facial hair can be an impediment towards the effectiveness of masks, there are ways for you to maintain your style and be safe at the same time. 

While created for health professionals, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has designed a comprehensive chart on effectiveness of masks on different facial hairstyles.

A nod goes a long way

And if you are a super social person, who is used to flashing your pearly whites, you can opt to smile with with your eyes (aka smize famously touted by model Tyra Banks), offer a nod or just a thumbs up while pointing to your mask. 

This way you achieve the dual purpose of spreading joy while appreciating your fellow-maskers for keeping everyone around them safe.