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How does MEO stand out in a crowded market today?



MEO Air face masks were created with an aim to contribute towards a healthier world. Our vision is to disrupt the face mask industry with the best anti-pollution face mask. We want to create a practical yet fashionable face mask for the global consumer. 

Ultimately, our goal is to give access to clean, breathable air to everyone. At the same time, we also want our consumer to trust in us to provide them with products that help them breathe freely and with comfort.

And that’s where being a New Zealand brand helps us stand out from the crowd.



New Zealand has a reputation for being the land of purity and cleanliness. When you hear New Zealand, you immediately think of healthy living and clean air. So, it is with no surprise that we took inspiration from New Zealand to create MEO face masks for adults and children.

In a crowded and sometimes potentially unregulated market, we want to be able to give people a reassurance of quality and authenticity of our products. Receiving the New Zealand FernMark has offered us the positioning of a premium alternative to competing products, that provides greater functionality and protection from airborne pollution.



Our MEO Air face masks carry the FernMark, a trademark officially recognised and endorsed by the New Zealand Government – a mark of trust that communicates a product’s country of origin and connection to New Zealand. 

Any business that applies for FernMask has to meet the eligibility criteria and submit a schedule of products they want to licence. All applications are audited by the NZ Story Group to ensure each licensed product is ‘born of New Zealand’. 

New Zealand environmental contributions like bred-for-purpose Wanaka wool, scientifically verified wool-based filter, and offering a fashionable yet technically superior product, have made New Zealand an intrinsic part of MEO Air’s brand story. This has helped us proudly represent the country’s brand on a global scale, with an official FernMark.

We believe that the world’s best products are ones which change lives for the better. This is the inspiration behind MEO Air face mask which gives users genuine protection against the harmful effects of air pollution. New Zealand was a natural place to create it.