9 juillet 2021

Élevez votre jeu de masque avec ces conseils de mode

Face masks are now an integral part of our daily accessories, much like a trendy purse, matching shoes and our favourite Chapstick. While we have more or less learnt to live with face masks, some of us still struggle to match our MEO Lite mask in Checkers with our favourite floral T-shirt. And because MEO, as a brand, believes in functionality and fashion, we have pulled together a few fashion tips for you, to up your style this season.  There are a host of new and creative ways to look and feel your best while wearing a face mask. The trick is to play up the features that are not covered by a mask.  Let’s talk about make-up When you...

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5 erreurs de voyage à éviter pendant la pandémie

Travelling during a pandemic comes with its own set of challenges. The old way of travel with little planning and big dreams, now has the additional baggage of face masks, sanitisers, planned itineraries and a whole lot of flexibility. While travel snafus are bound to happen, especially if you are travelling as a family, knowing what to expect can help ensure that your trip goes as smoothly as possible, which includes anticipating potential disaster moments that can derail your plans. We’ve compiled 5 common travel mistakes that can help you better prepare for your trip.Travelling without a mask, sanitiser and other safety essentialsWhether you are fully vaccinated or are travelling to a country that has zero to no cases like New Zealand, it is always advisable to carry a face mask on your...

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