mai 30, 2022

Winter Is Coming: A KN95 Face Mask Is Most Likely to Protect Yourself From COVID Reinfection

With winter on the way, the risk of being reinfected with COVID-19 will be on the increase. While we are all feeling fatigued by the threats once again, there are still things that we can do to continue to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Your first line of defence is your KN95 face mask. Read on for some reminders of how to protect yourself and your family as we enter the winter months. Reinfection Rates Worldwide research continues on reinfection rates. Currently, evidence shows that if you have had COVID-19 in the last 90 days, you fall into the low-risk category for reinfection, specifically if it is the same variant. Despite having some protection going forward, outside of this 90-day window, a...

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MEO Supports the SEA GAMES 2022 : Exclusive Partner.

MEO recently had the privilege of being an official partner to the Sea Games (South East Asia Games) 2022 as their exclusive supplier of face masks. Needless to say, this was a huge honour for us and we were thrilled to be able to be a part of history in region as major sporting events slowly come back into the fold worldwide. The masks were worn by athletes and officials at the SEA Games in Vietnam including their hometown favourite swimming team who proudly took out Gold at the recent event. WHAT EXACTLY ARE THE SEA GAMES? “The 31st edition of the Southeast Asian Games features 40 sports across 526 events and counts on the participation...

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Masks in MAY – New Zealand remains at Orange.

Masks have become a part of our everyday lives here in Aotearoa and many countries around the world. No matter how often or little you wear one, it can be daunting for many as we navigate this ‘new normal’ which in itself presents an array of uncertainties. “Will there be another outbreak” , “I see some people no longer wearing masks” and “When will mask usage end?” These are all questions a few if not most of us would have asked in recent weeks and months, and understandably so!. Here in New Zealand we’ve kicked off live events, opened up bars and gyms fully and have parked (for the most part) our Covid tracing app, so why and where are masks still required? THE OFFICIAL WORD

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mai 27, 2022

FAQ On To Ensure You Have More Comfortable Face Masks

If you are going to be wearing masks all day, you want to make sure that they are comfortable face masks. You can do some things to prevent wearing your face mask from becoming unpleasant. Read on answers to some of the frequently asked questions on making sure that wearing a face mask is a comfortable experience every day. What Can I Do If My Mask Makes Me Hot? If you find yourself overheating inside your mask, it is time to switch to a mask made from natural fibres like wool. These allow for better airflow, which helps prevent the moisture build-up that causes overheating. In addition, natural fibres have been proven to block out more than 99% of dangerous...

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avril 21, 2022

The Benefits of Buying A Reusable Facemask

There is still debate about which masks are better - either single-use facemasks or reusable ones. While both have benefits, the significant plus factor why you should buy a reusable facemask is that they are better for the environment. Single-use facemasks are often discarded without care and can be found littering streets, beaches, and even ending up in the ocean. Read on to learn more about why we should choose reusable facemasks and what the benefits are over disposable ones. Why Is It Better For The Environment To Buy A Reusable Facemask? Reported estimates are that approximately 1.6 billion facemasks will find their way into the ocean in 2020. With plastic pollution in the world's oceans already at all-time highs,...

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avril 16, 2022

Kids Mask Will Keep Them Safe If Worn Correctly

As we all know, wearing a mask in public will help reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus. However, there are other reasons why it is a good idea to wear a mask in public. To keep our children safe, it is essential they wear a kids mask that fits them well. Read on to find out more about the perfect fitting of a mask and further benefits of mask-wearing for the safety of your children. How To Ensure Your Kids Mask Is Being Worn Properly Help your children to wear their masks correctly by teaching them the following easy steps: They should wash their hands before touching their mask.If you are going to assist them in putting on the...

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mars 31, 2022

Mask Mandate update 25th of March 2022 for New Zealand.

On the 25th of March the NZ government issued an update on the usage of face masks as part of its response to Covid-19 within our community, To keep you all informed, we’ve compiled some official advice below for our loyal customers to keep in mind taken directly from . In short, it’s still vital to mask up where appropriate and follow ALL official advice when navigating the usage of masks in public. Below are some key points in relation to masks and their usage as of the 25th of March, Masks should still be worn in an indoor setting (the exception being at your home or workplace if it is not PUBLIC...

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Breathing exercises to help you find balance with MEO.

We recently published an Instagram post which can be found here highlighting a super simple breathing exercise to help bring a sense of calm at any point in your day. As a result, a few of our incredible followers touched base saying how helpful this was, especially in a world where the norm is now to ‘mask up’. The truth is that breath-work can really bring a sense of appreciation to those moments we have on our own, unmasked and focused fully on ourselves.   In response to your feedback, we've decided to dedicate this entire blog to breathing!. And while breathing may seem like one of the most simple, seemingly mundane bodily functions we have, it is also one of...

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février 28, 2022

Kids masks and keeping safe at a Red Traffic light setting in New Zealand.

New Zealand is currently sitting within the ‘Red Traffic Light’ framework, meaning masks are mandated for all children Year 4 and up while at school and in a close contact setting. With a shift in settings and heightened sense of uncertainty in recent weeks, Kiwi parents and kids are faced having to adapt to a ‘new normal’, and at pace. Its no secret that the pandemic has presented many challenges for our Tamariki here in Aotearoa, adapting to change and a ‘new normal’ poses its own set of challenges for children, mask usage and its adoption being one of them. So what are some ways we can help our kids stay safe? What masks are appropriate and how can we ensure we’re taking the pressure off our...

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Introducing MEO Guard – KN95 protection for kids

The entire team at MEO is excited to announce the arrival of our new MEO Guard masks for kids released this month.   With children back to school here in Aotearoa and Omicron cases surging within our community, the team at MEO HQ has been working tirelessly to update our range to incorporate more options and styles for our Tamariki. Our new styles include an update across our MEO X for kids range as well, but our biggest update of the month has been the addition of our MEO Guard for kids. Our MEO Guard (adults version) has been one of our most popular styles to date, selling out on several occassions it was clear that our community absolutely loves masking up with MEO Guard and needed...

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