24 septembre 2021

Quelle taille de masque est faite pour vous ?

Finding the right fit for you, (MEO Lite)  Medium or Large? Lets dive in. One of our most commonly asked questions has been about the difference between a medium and large size face mask in our MEO Air face mask range.  We wanted to address this, as well as bring clarity to ensure the health and safety of our customers. However, before we get into the different size specifications of masks, it is important to reiterate the need to wear the right size mask.  Our Male model wears large and female models are wearing medium. Why does having the right size mask matter? Face masks...

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30 août 2021

Nous sommes ouverts et opérons à tous les niveaux.

Just a quick reminder to all of our incredible customers here in New Zealand and abroad, that we are an essential business and are fully operational throughout all alert levels. A few quick notes below, There may be slight delays on deliveries at the time of this post, however there are no significant delays to note currently. For styles and sizes that are out of stock, we are working around the clock to have these available again for order. Please feel free to order another colour or style if possible if the one you prefer is not in stock.The team can be reached on info@https://www.https://www.meoair.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Meo-Anti-Pollution-Mask-New-Zealand-3.jpg.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Meo-Anti-Pollution-Mask-New-Zealand-2.jpg.com for any order related inquiries. Other than that we are sending our most positive thoughts and vibes to you all, stay...

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Masque sur : à quoi ressemble un voyage international en ce moment ?

It's true, in some instances winter or summer as travel is once again possible! However, travelling during a pandemic comes with its own bag of challenges. Tourists shouldn't expect things to be back to normal just yet as rules are continuing to vary across countries and regions.  And while restrictions are easing, it’s important to remember that COVID-19 has not gone away and that we can travel, however, there are new rules to follow. Travellers should still expect to use their masks, especially on aeroplanes and in public places. Make sure you always have your MEO Lite face mask with an extra Helix Filter pack of 3 in your luggage or on you.  It's important to check with your embassies as well as the government and tourist...

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Le masque facial MEO peut-il vous protéger contre la grippe ?

Over the past year or more, face masks have proven effective in stopping the contraction and spread of the COVID-19 virus. Since the devastating spread of the pandemic to every part of the world, masking, otherwise, a foreign concept to the Western world has become the safest and easiest protection against the virus. However, long before the world knew about COVID-19, masking was a common practice in many Asian countries. Since at the least the 1950s, masks have been used for protection against harmful particles in the environment as well as for a host of other cultural reasons. People have been wearing face masks for decades People in Japan wear masks when feeling sick as a courtesy to stop any sneezes from landing on...

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août 27, 2021

Exploring Atlanta’s modern homes

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Green interior design inspiration

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Reinterprets the classic bookshelf

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Creative water features and exterior

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août 26, 2021

Minimalist Japanese-inspired furniture

A taciti cras scelerisque scelerisque gravida natoque nulla vestibulum turpis primis adipiscing faucibus scelerisque adipiscing aliquet pretium. Et iaculis mi velit tincidunt vestibulum a duis tempor non magna ultrices porta malesuada ullamcorper scelerisque parturient himenaeos iaculis sit. Scelerisque sociosqu ullamcorper urna nisl mollis vestibulum pretium commodo inceptos.Ac ullamcorper a ultrices a a urna ac commodo nam condimentum parturient. Libero suspendisse facilisis parturient elementum curabitur. Erat a per dis aliquet ultricies curabitur nostra suspendisse nec adipiscing donec vestibulum a parturient a ac ut non adipiscing penatibus nec erat. A at nec rutrum nam molestie suspendisse scelerisque platea a ut commodo volutpat ullamcorper. 5. Eva Solo: Danish Furnishing Accessories Purus lobortis senectus faucibus imperdiet rutrum porttitor tincidunt laoreet parturient consectetur tortor ad adipiscing id a duis hendrerit diam. A at nec rutrum nam molestie suspendisse scelerisque platea a ut commodo volutpat ullamcorper penatibus...

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