FAQ On To Ensure You Have More Comfortable Face Masks

If you are going to be wearing masks all day, you want to make sure that they are comfortable face masks. You can do some things to prevent wearing your face mask from becoming unpleasant.

Read on answers to some of the frequently asked questions on making sure that wearing a face mask is a comfortable experience every day.

What Can I Do If My Mask Makes Me Hot?

If you find yourself overheating inside your mask, it is time to switch to a mask made from natural fibres like wool. These allow for better airflow, which helps prevent the moisture build-up that causes overheating.

In addition, natural fibres have been proven to block out more than 99% of dangerous airborne bacteria and inhibit the growth of bacteria. Using such comfortable face masks means you get a stream of purified air with every breath.

How Can I Stop My Glasses From Getting All Fogged Up?

Here are a couple of tips and tricks that you can try to make sure that your glasses don’t get fogged up whilst wearing a face mask:

  • Ensure that you get a comfortable fit from your face masks.  If your mask is too loose, warm air from your breath will rise towards your glasses, causing them to fog up. Try for a more snug fit by adjusting the ear loops and the nose piece.
  • Keep your lenses spotlessly clean by carefully washing them with warm, soapy water.  Rinse all traces of soap from your glasses.  Allow them to air dry or use a clean microfibre cloth to dry them.  
  • Purchase some anti-fog lens cleaner to use on your glasses.  Some of these products come in kit form with a special cleaning cloth that helps to distribute the product evenly over your lens, including those with lens coatings, without causing any damage.
What Can I Do If I Have Trouble Breathing While Wearing My Face Mask?

If your mask is making you feel like you are having difficutly in breathing, make sure that you choose comfortable face masks made from 100% natural fibres like wool.

If your mask is making you feel anxious in any way, it may be time to discuss your reaction with your medical practioner. They will be able to give you the best advice on measures that you can take to alleviate your anxious feelings.  Measures may include things like meditation, medication, breathing techniques and other techniques to make you feel more relaxed.

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