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Elevate your mask game with these fashion tips

Face masks are now an integral part of our daily accessories, much like a trendy purse, matching shoes and our favourite Chapstick. While we have more or less learnt to live with face masks, some of us still struggle to match our MEO Lite mask in Checkers with our favourite floral T-shirt. And because MEO, as a brand, believes in functionality and fashion, we have pulled together a few fashion tips for you, to up your style this season. 

There are a host of new and creative ways to look and feel your best while wearing a face mask. The trick is to play up the features that are not covered by a mask. 

Let’s talk about make-up

When you wear a mask, it definitely draws attention to the eye— especially as all our emotions are now reflected solely through the eyes.

For women, it might be time to invest in a good liquid eyeliner, or some funky shades of eyeshadows to jazz up your eyes. And while you’re at it, don’t forget the brows. Darken up your eyebrows, as well-defined brows can help distract from the appearance of lines and creases. 

Curly up your lashes with an all-day, waterproof mascara, and your mask suddenly acts as a complement to your eyes.

Hair is the original accessory

Ponytails help with wearing the mask around the ears — but be sure to have a few pieces falling out so it’s not a boring ponytail anymore. You could also try the messy bun or a Kardashian style half up, half down that goes with face masks that are fixed over the ear as well as tied-up at the back.

With summer just around the corner for the northern hemisphere, match up your masks with a similar printed hair scarf to create a full effect.

For those in the peak of winter, like MEO’s home country of New Zealand, earmuffs can complement any face mask.

Match your face mask to your clothes 

If you are a printed T-shirt, dresses or shirts kind of a person, the MEO X face mask with its beautiful pattern design might be the way to go. The low-profile design is suitable for use with other personal protective equipment such as safety helmets, hard hats, glasses, earmuffs, goggles and other eyewear as well. 

For those who often wear prescription glasses or sunglasses, it might pay to invest in a rim that contrasts with your masks. So, if you like to wear a bright mask (because that’s your personality) like MEO Lite Stitch or Dendelion, you might want a rim that’s either black, dark blue or brown. If you liked the simple MEO Lite Black or Grey, you could then play with a printed or bright yellow lined rim.

If you have returned to the office, a swanky face mask might not set the right tone for your workplace’s dress code. Stick with masks in solid, neutral colours, like the MEO Lite face masks. 

And in the end, don’t forget to accessories. While your safety is our main concern, we still want you to have fun while you keep yourself and those around you safe.