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Can MEO face mask protect you against the flu?

Over the past year or more, face masks have proven effective in stopping the contraction and spread of the COVID-19 virus. Since the devastating spread of the pandemic to every part of the world, masking, otherwise, a foreign concept to the Western world has become the safest and easiest protection against the virus.

However, long before the world knew about COVID-19, masking was a common practice in many Asian countries. Since at the least the 1950s, masks have been used for protection against harmful particles in the environment as well as for a host of other cultural reasons.

People have been wearing face masks for decades

People in Japan wear masks when feeling sick as a courtesy to stop any sneezes from landing on other people. Japanese women mask their faces when they don’t have time or feel the urge to put on makeup. Motorcycle riders in the Philippines and India wear masks to deflect exhausts in heavy traffic. In Taiwan, masks are used during the cold winter months and as a barrier to airborne germs. Popular celebrities in Korea and Japan have also used masks for anonymity. 

The turning point on widespread mask usage, however, was the deadly SARS outbreak in the early 2000s, post which faces masks became a regular sight in Hong Kong, Japan, and other parts of Eastern Asia. 

MEO Air face masks were originally built to be an anti-pollution face mask

MEO Air face masks were originally created with a vision to be the best anti-pollution face mask. Built to provide superior filtration, people favoured the MEO face mask for its style and practicality after the spread of the coronavirus.

Taking a leaf out of nature’s book, MEO Air face masks are designed by observing the natural world to provide protection against harmful air particles.

The Helix™ Filter media used in the MEO face masks are made with scientifically selected New Zealand sheep wool. It is well known that wool is a natural air filter that is resistant to fire, bacteria and manages moisture well. Its charged electrostatic fibre efficiently captures micron-sized airborne particles, making it the perfect filter for an anti-pollution face mask.

A face mask that protects you against flu, pollen, and dust

MEO Air face masks are ideal for use during flu season, as well as for those who regularly suffer from pollen or dust allergies.

Derived from the alpha-helical molecule found in wool fibre, the MEO Helix™ Filter Media uses elements of this molecule in its filtration material that, in the natural world protects sheep from harsh environments, but in the human world allows us to breathe clean and fresh air. 

The filter traps the smallest of particles and bacteria ensuring it takes less energy to draw air through the filter and allows people to breathe purified air, hence providing protection against viruses, dust and pollen.