Breathing exercises to help you find balance with MEO.

We recently published an Instagram post which can be found here highlighting a super simple breathing exercise to help bring a sense of calm at any point in your day.

As a result, a few of our incredible followers touched base saying how helpful this was, especially in a world where the norm is now to ‘mask up’. The truth is that breath-work can really bring a sense of appreciation to those moments we have on our own, unmasked and focused fully on ourselves.  

In response to your feedback, we’ve decided to dedicate this entire blog to breathing!. And while breathing may seem like one of the most simple, seemingly mundane bodily functions we have, it is also one of the most powerful when applied with technique and intent.

So where do we start?, simply by putting aside a few minutes every day is enough to start better our breathing habits, slowly increase our lung capacity and maximise our daily oxygen intake. Here’s a simple exercise to begin with that combines the practise of mindfulness and breathing,


Step (One)

Firstly, sit comfortably on a chair or the ground cross-legged, keeping a good posture, remain alert but relaxed. Be sure to wear comfortable clothing and ensure you’re away from distractions for a few minutes (at least!, that txt message or Instagram can absolutely wait)

Step (Two)

Gently close your eyes or keep them softly focused in a downward gaze. Become aware of the sounds and sensations around you, relax your body and release tension by dropping your shoulders, unclenching your jaw, unfurrowing your brow.

Step (Three)

Take a DEEP BREATH all the way in to your belly button through your nose, hold for a few seconds and exhale making a ‘whooooshhh’ sound with your mouth. Repeat this 3-5 times with each breath becoming deeper, and your exhale becoming longer.

Step (Four)

Return your breathing to normal (through your nose), focus in on where you feel your breath within your body, follow it as it enters the nose all the way into your lungs. Furthermore, try to visualise your breath, watching it fill up your entire body head to toe with oxygen. As you breathe out, you can visualise breathing out stress and tiredness from your body as well to help relax you even further.  

Alternatively, a popular breathing technique can be found here which focuses on breathing in for 4 seconds, holding for 7 seconds and breathing out for 8.

Step (Five)

Practise for at least 3-10 minutes per day, being mindful of your breath not only relaxes you, it allows you to become more conscious of your breathing habits throughout the day,

Needless to say healthy breathing habits and having good oxygen levels in our system is of great importance. In fact, oxygen binds itself to our haemoglobin (our red blood cells)  traveling through our circulatory system to help fuel muscles, brain, and our organs. This is a vital part of helping us function and perform each day, making mindful breathing an essential tool for optimal health. For more on deep breathing and its benefits we’ve compiled a couple of links below. Let us know if you found this helpful and as always keep tuned here on our website for more!

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