FAQ’s For Winter – Mask Up And Stay Protected With MEO

With the winter season in full swing here at MEO in Aotearoa we’ve received an influx of enquiries and re-orders at MEO from our incredible customers. Here’s some of our most frequently asked questions of the season.

Is my child required to wear a mask at school in New Zealand?

For students (year 4 and above) the government in New Zealand has recently made adjustments to their advice on mask wear within schools, recently published an article here.

“For the start of Term 3, 2022, the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health strongly recommend that all schools and kura amend their mask policy for the first four weeks of term to require mask wearing in all indoor settings (where it will not have a significant impact on teaching and learning – see below) for students in Years 4 and above” – Template letter of advice on mask wearing for parents and whanau

As always, we suggest following the advice as prescribed ICI via

How do I store my MEO Lite when not in use?

Il est recommandé de stocker le masque à l'abri de l'humidité, de la chaleur et de la lumière du soleil ; dans un endroit frais et sec.

When traveling we suggested keeping your MEO Lite in a ziplock (or alternative) bag to prevent moisture or transfer onto your mask. As always wash your hands thoroughly before and after handling your MEO Lite.

Does MEO stock any KN95, P2, N95 or FFP2 masks?

All of our MEO Guard range are considered a KN95 certified masks and can be found here for adults and here for kids.

Our MEO Lite and MEO X range (for kids and adults) have KN95 certified filtration.

Respirators like our MEO Guard are highly effective at protecting wearers from airborne pathogens and bacteria when worn correctly and fitted well.

You can find out more information on the above masks (KN95, P2, N95 and FFP2) here.

Can you recommend some of your popular styles?

Our MEO Lite is a great option for those wanting a re-usable mask, it comes equipped with replaceable Helix filters and three stylish unisex designs here.

Alternatively, one of our best-selling styles to date is our aforementioned MEO Guard which can be found here. Our customers love the range of colours and KN95 protection,  

We also have a range of kids masks, our MEO X has designs kids will absolutely love whilst providing protection this winter. They can be found here.

Will you be releasing more colours/styles to your range?

Absolutely! We are always working on new designs and styles within our range, this year (2022) saw one of the biggest updates to our range ever with the introduction of MEO Guard and Guard for kids in several styles and designs.

To keep up to date and in the know on our new styles, ensure you’re following us across social media or signed up to our EDM. as always we appreciate your support and thank you for choosing MEO.