Top 4 Reasons To Choose A Black Face Mask

Although most people will think that your mask’s colour does not impact its ability to protect you from COVID-19 and other air-borne pathogens, evidence suggests that there is a belief this is not true.

Studies are proving that a black face mask can be considered safer than other colours.  Read on to learn more about this interesting phenomenon and decide for yourself if you would prefer a black face mask from now on.

Black Goes With Everything

French fashioned designer Emmanuelle Alt is credited with the saying, “I’ll stop wearing black when they invent a darker colour”.  Black remains a popular favourite among clothing designers as it is associated with elegance, power, intelligence and confidence.

Many naturally lean towards selecting black clothing items as it is perceived as a flattering colour that is sleek and minimalistic.

These essential concepts have transferred to face masks, with the popularity of black face masks at an all-time high.  They complement any outfit, making them appear more sleek and stylish.

A Black Face Mask Is More Practical

A black mask is a good idea on a day-to-day practical level as it won’t show lipstick stains, spilled coffee or errant drops of tomato sauce.  This will leave you looking smart and professional if you are required to wear your mask for long periods of time.

A Black Face Mask Is The Perfect Canvas

Many companies produce face masks for their employees as part of their uniforms.  A black mask is a perfect background for printing a company logo, image or slogan.  Other companies have taken this further and personalised masks with employee names – an excellent way to ensure you don’t accidentally wear someone else’s mask!

Printed black face masks have also been created as marketing gimmicks for distribution to clients and customers.

A Black Face Mask Is Perceived As Safer

In a recent survey, it was found that people generally perceive that a black mask is the safest colour to wear.  And while this is probably not true, it is possible that people will be more encouraged to wear their black mask and thereby increase their level of protection from air-borne infections.

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