5 Top Laundry Tips For Those That Buy A Reusable Facemask

MEO Face Masks

To ensure your own safety and protection from infections, it is highly recommended that you buy a reusable facemask for your daily needs.

To get the most out of your reusable facemask and increase its lifespan, you can follow these tips and guidelines for washing your mask.

  1. Avoid Strong Chemicals

When washing your reusable mask, it is perfectly fine to put it in with your regular washing. However, you should avoid strong chemicals like bleach and fabric softener. Remember that when you buy a reusable facemask, you will be wearing it over your mouth and nostrils, so not only will these chemicals be unpleasant to breathe through, but they may also leave a residue that could be inhaled.

  1. Regular Washing

You should buy more than one reusable facemask so that you can put them in the wash after each use and have a clean and dry one available for subsequent use. Remember, a mask is in close contact with the mouth and nose, and as we breathe and sweat, the mask becomes damp, creating an environment that suits bacterial growth. Therefore, regular washing is necessary to prevent any harmful build-up of undesirable contaminants.

  1. Use A Hot Wash

It has been proven that viruses like the Covid-19 virus and others cannot survive at high temperatures, so it is advisable to use a hot wash for your reusable facemask. When machine washing, add in other items like sheets and towels that can handle a hot wash to avoid wasting a load on just your masks.

  1. Use The Dryer

The best advice for drying your masks is in the dryer on a high heat setting. If this is not possible, set your masks to dry in the sun. You can also iron your mask if you are concerned about lingering contaminants.

  1. Storing The Mask

As you will probably buy more than one reusable facemask, it is essential to store your clean masks correctly. Place freshly laundered masks in a clean container or bag until you need to use them. Wash your hands before removing a mask from storage. Don’t mix used masks in with your clean ones. Used masks should go straight into the laundry basket.

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